In society today the value and power of truth is too often underestimated. The intrinsic transformational power of truth is an absolute necessity for personal evolution. If we are satisfied with the noise of hearsay, the peer pressure of the status quo, the delusion of stereotypes, and the priority of prevalent messaging in propaganda we will never embrace truth and become the best versions of ourselves.

Too many of us are intoxicated with the liquor of greed and survival. While others of us aimlessly chase the American dream. Today we must sober up! Let us wake our sisters and brothers from their slumber. Some say  ignorance is bliss but I say ignorance is like chains of bondage being wrapped around our minds anchoring us behind gates of injustice, poverty, and extreme lack that leaves us barren and of no benefit.

There are two keys that will unlock these hefty chains. The first key is the key of desire.We must desire to know truth. Once one “truly knows” truth, they understand. Only then, will the applied knowledge of truth become liberation power. It’s impossible to un-know truth once it is sincerely known. Truth is  a tool of vision and a garment of protective armor. The second key is perseverance. Once chains are removed there is a reason to move forward relentlessly in truth–mobilizing us victoriously through inevitable challenges.

At present we live in a society where truth is almost a foreign concept. Honesty is admirable when it should be an expected common practice.  Revisionist history and vague ambiguous personal responses are the norm.

Only those who are hungry and thirsty enough for truth will evolve, add substance to the community, posses the fortitude to be resilient and become the refreshing instruments of change we long to see.

My authentic thought: It takes courage and maturity to be honest with yourself and with others. I would rather hear the truth than a lie any day. Even when the truth hurts, I have the necessary pieces before me to make informed decisions. Otherwise, time and energy is wasted on nothingness and every plan thereafter is already defeated.


Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

Express your authentic thoughts. Post a comment. I welcome your valued perspective. Thank you in advance.

In love and peace,

Dr. Free


Author: Dr. Free

Dr. Free is a veteran educator. Her area of expertise is African-centered education consulting. She is a life learner who is passionate about truth, liberation, and justice. Dr. Free strives to be true to herself. She expresses herself in a way that enhances the lives of others and she enjoys giving others the space and encouragment to do the same.

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