Habari Gani? Ujamaa

kwanzaa-clipToday’s Kwanzaa principle is Ujamaa which means cooperative economics. I’d like to begin with a question. Have you ever traveled to an area called China Town where you live? How about Little Italy or Little Mexico in the heart of your city or town??? Would you like to see Africa Town or Little Africa in your city? I would. It is highly possible through understanding the fourth principle of Kwanzaa Ujamaa.

We can and should run own the businesses in our own community. For example, don’t you think its strange that we are the largest contributors to the beauty supply business in our community and do not own the buisnesses. There is something wrong with that!!! With proper know-how and insight more of us can become buisness owners instead of being majority consumers. There are many, many, many times we have been successful buisness owners in the past especially before desegregation. The Green Book was an example of the power of networking. How much more can we do now given our abundant resources. Watch with the power of networking in mind.

We can do it again!!!! Owning our own business demands respect from others, gives us power to negotiate, and positions us to advance our own best interests as a community. Cooperative economics means building and maintaining our own stores, shops, and businesses so we can all profit. Owning our own business means true freedom. It also means having the ability to employ and provide for people who look like us. For example, buisness owners can establish a network Blacks go to when we need something like plumbing, catering, groceries, alterations, car repair, doctors, travel–the list is endless. As Black buisness owners increase so does our network of influence.

In peace and love,

Dr. Free

 Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their  own unique perspective.

Thank you for reading the post.

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Author: Dr. Free

Dr. Free is a veteran educator. Her area of expertise is African-centered education consulting. She is a life learner who is passionate about truth, liberation, and justice. Dr. Free strives to be true to herself. She expresses herself in a way that enhances the lives of others and she enjoys giving others the space and encouragment to do the same.

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