Truth about the Human Condition


Dr. Joy DeGury does an excellent job presenting historical information to help bring understanding about our present human condition in this society. The difficult multidimensional problems that result from the stench of institutional racism cannot be ignored. Yes, chattel slavery of African people in America began long ago in the early 1600’s. Further, slavery was allegedly abolished in 1865 with the 13th amendment (except for those who commit a crime). However, ALL people African-American and non-African-American are all still existing in this country under the lethal influence of revisionist history, miseducation, and alleged white supremacy.

“When you destroy a link that any people have with their culture, you destroy them” Joy DeGruy

Africa is the MOTHERLAND, the birthplace of civilization. African people have contributed more to life and greatness of this country and the world than is presently known by the masses and that is no accident. Our present state of affairs is by design.

Europeans also enslaved Native Americans so that they would work on their plantations. Many of them like the Taino died from diseases brought by Europeans. Additionally, they were unable to endure under the harsh treatment of their European taskmaster. Those Native Americans that were left were forced west on the Trail of Tears due to a mandate Europeans believed they received from God. What kind of prosperity reports do we hear about the Native Americans today? Is their story a cautionary tale for us? Will African-Americans one day be no more? What personal responsibility are we willing to assume to make difference rooted in truth for our people and our culture? In the absence of a culture to anchor us and our children social conditioning will prevail.

Thank you for reading. Post a comment. Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

In peace and light,

Dr. Free

Author: Dr. Free

Dr. Free is a veteran educator. Her area of expertise is African-centered education consulting. She is a life learner who is passionate about truth, liberation, and justice. Dr. Free strives to be true to herself. She expresses herself in a way that enhances the lives of others and she enjoys giving others the space and encouragment to do the same.

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