Featured Blog by Safina Hirji: Cacophony of Contempt

This blog is powerful I could not resist sharing it with you. For more blogs by Safina Hirji visit stillnesshub.com at mindful blogs.

Scorned by the outside world?  For not following the rules?  For not fitting in?  For being different? For being you?  To what degree do we allow the opinions of others to determine our trajectory in life?  And why allow others to even have a say?  How do we set our own limitations and boundaries on the outside “noise” that we hear from others who want to direct our lives?  As we stand in who we are, judgment may arise, but being true to ourselves empowers us to live our best lives, irrespective of what others may think. 

Drowning in the external noise we hear, can only place us in a constant state of reacting to others’ perceptions of ourselves.  As we stand in our power and assert ourselves, the external world shifts and begins to perceive us differently.  We have to own our truth, whatever it may be, so that we can live lives in alignment with our essence and who we truly are.  Wearing masks will only impede our personal growth.  

The value we place on ourselves must be high – higher than anything else.  For when we don’t value ourselves, how can others value us?  There have been times when I have placed others’ opinions of me ahead of who I am and what I want in my life.  Those times were truly when I gave my power up to someone else.  No one knows what I need and want better than me.  And no one should believe that their opinion should outweigh mine. 

I am a sovereign being.

Nobody can enslave me.

Free me from the shackles of those

Who surround me.

If you’ve given your power away, it’s time to reclaim it.  Together, let’s leave their cacophony of contempt and create our own melodious music.  

Thank you for reading! Post a comment! Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

Published by Dr. Deana Gordon

Dr. Deana Gordon: Authenticity. She presents herself via blog posts, presentations, or in consultations in a way that encourages others to be the best version of themselves. She finds it both a privilege and pleasure to coach others through this life process.

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