Authenticity is a gift that every person is born with. Once we learn to embrace the gift of our authenticity, it serves as a divine seal for everything we say and do as we exist in the world. The contentment that comes from leading an authentic lifestyle is incomparable. It’s a life well worth living!

Other people will do kind and loving deeds that inspire us and serve as an impetus for our activities. However, people may do similar tasks and accomplish common goals, but no one will and can do it like just you. Competition is never a necessary factor when authenticity is the motivation. Your energetic signature, individual purpose, and journey make what you do unique to you. Authentic people understand that they came to be original.

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Authenticity is our birthright! It should go without saying. Nevertheless, in this world, “normal” and “status quo” are still expectations for being a benefit to society—so, it must be said. It takes self-love, courage, and tenacity to step outside the box and color outside the lines of programming and old paradigms. Love for self means making yourself the priority. Self-love will give you the courage to do what is for your highest good which is always for the good of all. In time, we become more and more courageous until our courage morphs into a tenacity that keeps us moving forward and showing up authentically regardless of where we are and who we are with.

When we are acting authentically, our core values align with our words and our actions. Compromise happens when it is necessary but never to a degree where there is a betrayal of self. To remain loyal to self, authentic individuals understand the importance of establishing healthy boundaries and existing without codependency. Authentic people experience oneness with all things, but their vibrant independence encourages others to be just as authentic as they aspire to be. Freedom and authenticity go hand in hand.

Those of us who are authentic have discovered the strength in vulnerability and the beauty in being transparent.  Both are necessary for sincere and intimate connections with others. When we are vulnerable and transparent, we reveal our most authentic selves.

Also, it is necessary to mention that authenticity is not a license to be unkind or rude. As sovereign beings people have the right to behave as they choose. In the same way, the people they are rude to can also choose what they are willing to tolerate as an act of self care.

You are enough! You were born with everything in your spirit that you needed to complete your purpose and fulfill your role in this life. Begin and commit to the life process of fully accepting and celebrating yourself. Take a deep look within. Figure out who you are and what you want. Then, fearlessly be that person. Love all of you! Believe in yourself. Decide to show up in your life, and create the life you want to live one now moment at a time.

An abundance of peace, love, and light to you,

Dr. Free