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When I began to awaken, it was if scales had fallen from my eyes. Everything seemed brand new! I saw the world with fresh eyes and a clearer heart.  As a life learner, I had dedicated my life to education and accomplished much which included earning three college degrees at that time. However, in spite of all I had learned, my awakening helped me realize how little I actually knew. My awakening showed me the true nature of reality and who I am as infinite being having a temporary human experience.

I have been on my journey for a while now and I am excited about all the insight I have received, how I have evolved and how my life has transformed. Along my journey I have had several growth spurts that seemed to happen suddenly and other times (actually most of the time) the personal change happened gradually over time. To that point, the latter is the case with understanding what it means to be in the body.

As a “starseed”, I eventually realized that I choose to be here. In order to fully live the human experience, I had to grasp what it meant to be in the body. As my vibration increased, I became more aware of how much time I actually spent out of my body and in my upper chakras. Although this was characteristically normal behavior as a “starseed”, it was not always conducive to my role as a human-being. In the beginning I did not know how to do both with ease. Fast forward, I now understand several things that are helping me to optimize my experience as a human and why being in the body is important. I am sharing a portion of that insight with you today with the intention that you may glean from my what I have gained on my path. As always take what resonates and leave what does not.

Being in the body:

  • helps keep us grounded
  • establishes the necessary connection between the body and consciousness
  • assists us in sensing information from within and interpreting information from our surroundings.

Being grounded means that we are fully present in our body, centered, and connected to the Earth. As an empath, this has been challenging for me. When emotions occured the were intense, I wanted to get out of my body in order to avoid fully experiencing them. I had not yet learned the inherent value in all emotions. My commitment in learning to completely feel and process emotions has been a great benefit to me. Through the practice of mindfulness, I understand the role emotions have in enriching my human expereince and how they reveal knowledge of self.

Being in our body establishes the necessary connection between the body and consciousness. In fact, the more loving our relationship is with our body the better able we are to consciously exist in the world. Unfortunately, if we have an abusive relationship with our body through overeating and habitually make unhealthy choices our body may not be in an optimal sensory condition. A healthy diet and exercise supports our physicality in sending messages to our consciousness. Additionally, committing to the process of inner work assist us in improving the realtionship we have with ourselves and the emotions we experience. A better realtionship with ourselves positions us for improved realtionships with others. My newest book/workbook for the family, My Emotions and Me: A Guide for Youth and their Care Givers throughly addresess this topic. When we have a better understanding of our emotions we can fully embrace our birthrights as awakened human-being and become epic humans!

Subsequently, being in the body assist us in sensing information from within and interpreting information from our surroundings. Before awakening, I never knew there was a spiritual purpose as such this for the physical form. In short, I thought, the body’s main purpose was to house the spirit respectfully as merely a tabernacle of sorts but one that would soon waste away and be dissolved. I was convined I had to wrestle with my body, and tame it due its carnal nature. On the contrary, having a nurturing relationship with our body helps us to be more intuitive and in better alignment with our truest essence. The result is a life that is enjoyed rather than endured.

Begin to practice being more present. In my next post I will share some practical ways in how to be more present and remain in the body. Let me know about any other topics you’re interested in. I would be happy to share more with you from my journey. I am at your service! Your donations used to continue to work are appreciated but not expected. Thanks in advance for your love an support in all forms. Click DONATE on the HOME page or at the top right. Also, sign up for my monthly newsletter at the botoom of the home page.

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