The Inherent Potential and Power of Purpose




Just Say Yes


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Saying yes to the Universe means releasing a detachment to the outcomes. The outcome is greater in aspects that we could never fathom. I’ve decided to say yes and let the Universe take care of the details.

Say yes with me! Give an unattached and non-hustled yes to the Universe! Yes, I’m ready! Yes, I am able. Yes, I’m willing. Sometimes our unwillingness to say yes, with our stagnant thoughts and disharmony will dis-ease and show up in the body temple. Holding back our yes is a refusal to evolve. Liberate the energy within with a heartfelt yes and set yourself free to fully be who you came to this time space reality to be.

There is more within you! Where we are is not as good as it gets. There is more within me that wants to come forward. Yes, activates the potential of the Universe that resides within. Our yes, gives destiny permission to unfold in our lives. Say yes!

Thank you for reading.  Enlighten us! Share your authentic thoughts.

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

In peace and light,

Dr. Free

Reconnect. It’s Worth It!

Racist acts of colonialism and slavery have successfully made many of US as African-Americans and people of color, ignorantly despise and embarrassed by our home land of origin. Malcolm X made a profound statement.

“You can’t hate the roots of the tree without ending up hating the tree. You can’t hate your origin without ending up hating yourself. You can’t hate the land, your motherland, the place that you come from, and we can’t hate Africa without ending up hating ourselves. The Black man in the Western Hemisphere—North America, Central America, South America, and in the Caribbean—is the best example of how one can be made, skillfully, to hate himself that you can find anywhere on this earth.”

If you have no interest at all in reconnecting to Africa nor concern for its struggle, success, or failure understand its by design. The mission of racism white supremacy has been accomplished in your life!

I was deeply moved when I watched the video below. Listen to the first ten minutes of this video (again at 18 mins. in) and you will see one example of the importance of knowing where you come from and reconnecting with home.  The visceral and self-knowledge benefits waiting for us to tap into are literally endless!!!!  Be open to reconnecting in your own way. Our ancestors are waiting to rejoice. If you are already open, I give thanks, let’s do our part to share the significant beauty and richness of our home.

Be encouraged!

Thank you so much for reading.

Share your authentic thoughts.

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

In peace, love, and light,

Dr. Free


One Moment in Time



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Today some one asked me how I was doing. My response was,” In this moment I am doing just fine. I take it one moment at a time.” The person I was speaking to smiled and responded with words of appreciation for my comment.

In that moment I was also actually very proud of myself. As a spiritual practice, my daily goal is to live in the moment! I found sweet contentment that my goal had become a tangible reality. So much of the beauty of life is missed when we rush through the present on our way to the future.

I remind myself often to sip my coffee more slowly.  I intentionally enjoy the warm water of my evening bath as it rolls down my tired back and as I notice the sparkle in a child’s smile my moment seems a little brighter.

What can you do more intentionally? More deliberately so that you stretch your moments.  Cliche it may be but I’ve learned that life really is all about the journey not the destination. When we “arrive” there– there is always somewhere else to go. When we finish this or that– there is always one more thing to do?  Learing to savor the moment does indeed add flavor to life.Image result for moment







In peace and light,

Dr. Free

Stand Tall In Your Truth

Related imageHow willing are you to stand in our own truth? Taking a stand is not always easy but it’s always worth it! Usually, when we stand in our truth it is not necessarily in alignment with someone else’s truth. Its takes courage and strength to maintain your personal position.

Oftentimes, the moment we determine to stand in our own truth other people may become threatened or intimated because they think your truth is about them. Each and every person has to do what works best for them. It’s not being selfish, though some might think, it is called exercising self-love. When you are doing what is best for yourself in time you will attract people into your life who are doing the same and they will respectfully honor your truth.

In order to stand in our own truth we have to be willing to draw the line–reestablishing boundaries others may not understand. They may even try to manipulate the situation in an attempt to make you feel guilty or obligated to fulfill their desires. The pressure they assert toward you is an opportunity for you to hold fast to your resolve. Don’t crumble under the pressure. The awkwardness, pain, and discomfort will all pass in time. Yes, some people may leave your life because of your truth. Accept that its time for their departure. Let them go. Then there will be room for someone else. If they were meant to be there they would be. At times people leave and come back during a different season.

Image result for black woman standing courageouslyNo one ever has to apologize for actions of self-preservation. It’s a natural human instinct to protect yourself. If you don’t look out for your who will! Allowing oneself to be subjugated by the demands of another  is simply ridiculous. When others sincerely have a place in your life their love for your is unconditional, you are allowed space to evolve as a person and think differently, and they accept you just as you. Be wary when there is someone in your life who wants you to be the way you used to be. Take notice when someone only finds joy in talking about what was instead of finding joy in the present and future with you.

Peace and light,

Dr. Free