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Adi Goldstien

Dear Authentic Friend,
I was inspired to share this message of empowerment with you today! The intention is that you will be both inspired and encouraged to realize and or celebrate the inherent power you possess to create a life you enjoy.

It has sometimes been a bitter pill for me to swallow but I have had to learn to accept responsibility for the reality that I experience. It seemed easier to blame others. However, what seems easy is not always the best. Know for sure blame I was projecting toward others was being directed toward me from somewhere in my life. I was getting back exactly what I was putting out! Deciding not to place blame does not excuse the actions of others. Moreover, placing blame does not demonstrate an acceptance of our role in the matter. Blaming others does not help us to grow from the experience.

I have learned that I can use my energy to complain about what I think I deserve or change my perspective and focus on what I need to learn. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. When my decisions and choices are fueled with the energy of fear and doubt, I have manifested something that I did not desire. On the contrary, when I take inspired action with a sense of inner peace, not only do I enjoy the process, but what I want shows up in my life.

Wow! What a privilege! I gladly accept the wonderful responsibility to create the life I want to experience. It is an exciting process! I have realized it is more fun being a deliberate creator than one who creates indirectly without intention. I am learning more every day through the free will of the choices I make. I realize that choosing my words wisely, acting from a place of highest excitement, and thinking thoughts that align with my desires is beneficial.

Further, I am learning to “be easy” with myself when I do not act, think, or speak as I had planned. Judging myself only makes matters worse. In those moments, I simply realign and keep it moving forward. Some matters take more time to change but in an instant, you and I can shift the reality we experience from unwanted to wanted by changing our perspective.

Join me in ending the blame game. Let us make choices today that add to our lives and increase our sense of well-being. Let us major in what is most important and let the rest go. Let’s do it differently in 2021 and beyond.

In peace, love, and light,

Dr. Free

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