(Notes from Embracing Your Awakening December Event)

A Message from Deana “Dr. Free” Gordon:

Thank you for attending the event today. Your presence was a blessing. In case you missed it. Here are a few notes to ponder.

Fear is a choice. Even in times like these, we do not have to be fearful. We can do a new thing.

1. Deal with your fear. Is what you are fearfully pondering fact or fiction? Danger, is real but fear is imagined.

2. What story are you telling yourself. Sit with yourself and examine the story. Try meditation, prayer, or journaling.

3.  In order to receive freedom we have to release fear.

4. Change your belief. Then you change your emotions and what your experience.

5. Let fear serve you. See fear as a notification bell. A time for possible change, growth, and transformation.

6. Let your excitement (for your dream and passion) become bigger than your fear.

If you were encouraged in some way let us know tchdg@comcast.net

Thanks again for your interest. Peace, love, and light to you.

Please join me on the second Saturday of January and February 2021.

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May you live more authentically,

Deana “Dr. Free” Gordon