I grew up in the church. My early beginnings had a necessary foundation of religious Christian rituals and practices. I climbed the “ladder of promotion” quickly within the denomination I was part of. I held every title and level of responsibility that was attached to it. I wrote ten books, traveled extensively, and spoke before thousands, for the cause of Christ.
It was a beautiful season!

Every step led me to where I am today. It is with heartfelt gratitude that I write this post. I have always been in touch with my spiritual self but the step that birthed the next phase of my awakening came in 2008. I had been “called” to ministry since 1996, and pastored a church for seven years. I knew that I had led the small congregation as far as I could. I was hungry for more but I didn’t know what the more was. To satisfy my restlessness. I asked to know the God that was not defined by religion. Ask and it is given. The request was answered and a deeper and significant phase of my journey began. My awakening has taken me to many places including ancient Kemet (Egypt ) China, the Middle East, and beyond.

I no longer capitulate to the pressures and boundaries of my past neither the religious affiliation once demanded nor the many illusions of the 3rd dimension. Though spiritual and soul connected, in my humanness, I am committed to dealing with my shit gracefully. I am a Starseed! As I do my inner work as a lightworker, proselytizing is not necessary. The work alone raises the vibration in the Earth. I’m excited about the boundless journey I now walk without judgment or limitations. My vibe is connecting me to those of the same frequency.

Today I am liberated!!!! I fully embrace who I am as an Intuitive; Cancer, Sagittarius Moon, and 22 Life Path who connects to Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Angels, and my Andromedan Galactic Star family through channeling and readings. I also work as a healer in Mediumship and Reiki. I help clients to discover insight into their purpose and life paths. Additionally, I provide life coaching services to help others who seek and desire to live more authentically.

Thank you for reading. If it resonates, or if you were encouraged feel free to share who you are and what you now embrace about yourself.

In peace, love, and light
Dr. Free