The law of oneness states we are all part of the same Source or Infinite Intelligence. All of the different forms of the universe are unique expressions of energy. This includes all human beings who are also expressions of the same Source. Albert Einstein and many other conscious individuals have helped us to understand that everything is from Source energy and this energy never dies. It just recycles and changes form.

Regardless of the form, no form is separate from another. It appears for practical reasons that we explain for example how the tree is not connected to the road and the bird has no connection with the rocks. However, everything is connected and has Source energy. The way we define things that we see and experience is often very limiting. We are no more separate than the wave is from the ocean or the clouds are separate from the sky.

purple, blue, and red hands illustration
Tim Mossholder

Separation is an illusion which promotes loneliness, comparison, competition, fear, and suffering. We are more than the categories, labels, titles, and positions that perpetuate separation. Neither race, religion, culture, or gender changes the fact we are still connected.

Understanding oneness is essential to awakening to experiencing a more beneficial way of being and transforming the way we exist in society. Oneness changes how we interact with other people. It causes us to recognize that when we look at another, we are essentially looking at ourselves. Inevitably we will encounter people that we do not find easy to love. These moments do not have to end badly but could instead be positive defining moments when we choose to change our perception. In times like these, we can become hateful, insecure, and defensive in recognizing the differences or find connection, joy, and liberty in discovering the commonalities. The best of us and the worst of us are in all of us. Differences are obvious and should first be acknowledged respectfully. Then, if necessary seen as tests of love rather than opportunities to be deluded by the illusion of separation.

All of us probably have justifiable reasons to be put off, angry, and hurt due to unfortunate and unwanted life circumstances. However, I have learned that growth in life is not really about what happens to us more than it is about how we respond to what happens to us. Further, being different is not synonymous with being wrong. Our outward appearances and affiliations are not necessarily a reflection of the content of our character nor do they tell the unblemished story of our soul. Race, religion, culture, and gender are merely ways that we experience reality and they serve as a well-suited means in supporting our expansion.

Throughout my life, as early as elementary school, I have spent a lot of time pondering separateness. The societal constructs of separateness have never made me feel connected to others. On the contrary, it made me feel the whole gamut of negative emotions or fed my ego so that I felt superior in some way. Neither were good places to be. In quiet moments I have questioned my life wondering why? Why is it always us? Why is it always me and not them? In times of frustration and fatigue, I have complained and cried out. I have played the blame game and I’ve thrown pity parties—with a crowd of me, myself, and I— but to what end? For me, I realized connecting with others was more rewarding than remaining separate. Secondly, I realized that being angry takes away from the energy that I can put in other areas. At some point, we have to let go of our self-imposed need to be separate. Standing in resistance to a thing increases what is unwanted. We can choose to carry or lay aside the weight that is hurting us not them. I found it is easier to do my part to be at peace with others rather than putting myself at odds. I could go on and on but a big realization for me is that it’s more important to reach an amicable resolution than it is to be right.

We are in the midst of a shift. If we go with the flow of love we can begin to experience a refreshing in life that is invigorating despite what is happening around us. The time has come for us to decide what kind of reality we want to exist in—one that is filled with separation or one that is filled with love. It is imperative for us to carefully consider the kinds of contributions that we are willing to make in this society. Our personal decisions create our reality. Would you like to contribute to what promotes oneness or separation? The choice is yours. It’s not about making a correct choice or wrong choice. The matter is about making an informed choice. Whatever we choose to do or not has a definite ripple effect. For every cause, there is an effect. An understanding of oneness births a unity consciousness in us that can activate our own ascension and compel us to think and act in ways that unite us. We are one.

“Communicating with people from different backgrounds would make you realize that we have more in common than we could ever know from judging from afar.” Edmond Mbiaka