Why Love Africa?



Why should the Black man in America concern himself since he’s been away from the African continent for three or four hundred years? Why should we concern ourselves?

What impact does what happens to them have upon us? Number one, you have to realize that up until 1959 Africa was dominated by the colonial powers. Having complete control over Africa, the colonial powers of Europe projected the image of Africa negatively.

They always project Africa in a negative light: jungle savages, cannibals, nothing civilized. Why then, naturally it was so negative that it was negative to you and me, and you and I began to hate it. We didn’t want anybody telling us anything about Africa, much less calling us Africans.

In hating Africa and in hating the Africans, we ended up hating ourselves, without even realizing it. Because you can’t hate the roots of a tree, and not hate the tree. You can’t hate your origin and not end up hating yourself. You can’t hate Africa and not hate yourself.

You show me one of these people over here who has been thoroughly brainwashed and has a negative attitude toward Africa, and I’ll show you one who has a negative attitude toward himself. You can’t have a positive toward yourself and a negative attitude toward Africa at the same time. To the same degree that your understanding of and attitude toward become positive, you’ll find that your understanding of and your toward yourself will also become positive.

And this is what the white man knows. So they very skillfully make you and me hate our African identity, our African characteristics. You know yourself that we have been a people who hated our African characteristics. We hated our heads, we hated the shape of our nose, we wanted one of those long doglike noses, you know; we hated the color of our skin, hated the blood of Africa that was in our veins. And in hating our features and our skin and our blood, why, we had to end up hating ourselves. And we hated ourselves.

Our color became to us a chain–we felt that it was holding us back; our color became to us like a prison which we felt was keeping us confined, not letting us go this way or that way. We felt all of these restrictions were based solely upon our color, and the psychological reaction to that would have to be that as long as we felt imprisoned or chained or trapped by Black skin, Black features, and Black blood, that skin and those features and that blood holding us back automatically had to become hateful to us. And it became hateful to us.

It made us feel inferior; it made us feel inadequate made us feel helpless. And when we fell victims to this feeling of inadequacy or inferiority or helplessness, we turned to somebody else to show us the way. We didn’t have confidence in another Black man to show us the way, or Black people to show us the way. In those days we didn’t. We didn’t think a man could do anything except play some horns–you know, make sound and make you happy with some songs and in that way.

But in serious things, where our food, clothing, shelter, and education were concerned, we turned to the man. We never thought in terms of bringing these things into existence for ourselves, we never thought in terms of doing for ourselves. Because we felt helpless.

What made us feel helpless was our hatred for ourselves. And our hatred for ourselves stemmed from hatred for things African. After 1959 the spirit of African nationalism was fanned to a high flame, and we then began to witness the complete collapse of colonialism. France began to get out of French West Africa, Belgium began to make moves to get out of the Congo, Britain began to make moves to get out of Kenya, Tanganyika, Uganda, Nigeria, and some of these other places.

And although it looked like they were getting out, they pulled a trick that was colossal. When you’re playing ball and they’ve got you trapped, you don’t throw the ball away–you throw it to one of your teammates who’s in the clear. And this is what the European powers did.

They were trapped African continent, they couldn’t stay there –they were looked upon as colonial and imperialist. They had to pass the ball to someone whose image was different, and they passed the ball to Uncle Sam. And he picked it up and has been running it for a touchdown ever since.

He was in the clear, he was not looked upon as one who had colonized the African continent. At that time, the Africans couldn’t see that though the Unites States hadn’t colonized the African continent, it had colonized twenty-two million Blacks here on this continent. Because we’re just as thoroughly colonized as anybody else. When the ball was passed to the United States, it was passed at the time when John Kennedy came into power. He picked it up and helped to run it. He was one of the shrewdest backfield runners that history has recorded. He surrounded himself with intellectuals–highly educated, learned, and well informed people.

And their analysis told him that the government of America was confronted with a new problem. And this new problem stemmed from the fact that Africans were now awakened, they were enlightened, they were fearless, they would fight. This meant that the Western powers couldn’t stay there by force. Since their own economy, the European economy and the American economy was based upon their continued influence over the African continent, they had to find some means of staying there.

So they used the friendly approach. They switched from the old, openly colonial imperialistic approach to the benevolent approach. They came up with some benevolent colonialism, philanthropic colonialism, humanitarianism, or dollarism. Immediately everything was Peace Corps, Operation Crossroads, “We’ve got to help our African brothers.” Pick up on that: Can’t help us in Mississippi. Can’t help us in Alabama, or Detroit, or out here in Dearborn, where some real Ku Klux Klan lives. They’re going to send all the way to Africa to help.

One of the things that made the Black Muslim movement grow was its emphasis upon things African. This was the secret to the growth of the Black Muslim movement. African blood, African origin, African culture, African ties. And you’d be surprised–we discovered that deep within the subconscious of the black man in this country, he is still more African than he is American. He thinks that he’s more American than African, because the man is jiving him, the man is brainwashing him every day.

He’s telling him, “You’re an American, you’re an American.” Man, how could you think you’re an American when you haven’t ever had any kind of an American treat over here? You have never, never. Ten men can be at a table eating, you know, dining, and I can come and sit down where they’re dining. They’re dining; I’ve got a plate in front of me, but nothing is on it. Because all of us are sitting at the same table, are all us are diners? I’m not a diner until you let me dine. Just being at the table with others who are dining doesn’t make me a diner, and this is what you’ve got to get in your head here in this country. Just because you’re in this country doesn’t make you an American.

No, you’ve got to go farther than that before you can become an American. You’ve got to enjoy the fruits of Americanism. You haven’t enjoyed those fruits. You’ve enjoyed the thorns. You’ve enjoyed the thistles. But you have not enjoyed the fruits, no sir. You have fought harder for the fruits the white man has, you have worked harder for the fruits than the white man has, but you’ve enjoyed less. When the man put the uniform on and sent you abroad, you fought harder than they did. Yes, I know you–when you’re fighting for them, you can fight.

The Black Muslim movement did make that contribution. They made the whole civil rights movement become more militant and more acceptable to the white power structure. He would rather have them than us. In fact, I think we forced many of the civil rights leaders to be even more militant than they intended. I know some of them who get out there and “boom, boom, boom” and don’t mean it. Because they’re right on back in their corner as soon as the action comes.

The worst thing the white man can do to himself is to take one of these kinds of Negroes and ask him, “How do your people feel, boy?” He’s going to tell that man that we are satisfied. That’s what they do, brothers and sisters. They get behind the door and tell the white man we’re satisfied. “Just keep on keeping me up here in front of them, boss, and I’ll keep them behind you.” That’s what they talk when they’re behind closed us. Because, you see, the white man doesn’t go along with anybody who’s not for him. He doesn’t care are you for right or wrong; he wants to know are you for him. And if you’re for him, he doesn’t care what else you’re for. As long as you’re for him, then he puts you up over the Negro community. You become a spokesman…

Brothers and sisters, let me tell you, I spend my time out there streets with people, all kinds of people, listening to what they have to say. And they’re dissatisfied, they’re disillusioned, they’re fed up, they’re getting to the point of frustration where they begin to feel, “What do we have to lose?” When you get to that point, you’re the type of person who can create a very dangerously explosive atmosphere. This is what’s happening in our neighborhoods, to our people.

I read in a poll taken by Newsweek magazine this week, saying that Negroes are satisfied. Oh, yes, Newsweek, you know, supposed to be a top magazine with a top pollster, talking about how satisfied Negroes are. Maybe I haven’t met the Negroes he met. Because I know he hasn’t met the ones that I’ve met. And this is dangerous. This is where the white man does himself the most harm. He invents statistics to create an image thinking that that image is going to hold things in check.

You know why they always say Negroes are lazy? Because they want Negroes to be lazy. They always say Negroes can’t unite, because they don’t want Negroes to unite. And once they put this thing in the Negro’s mind, they feel he tries to fulfill their image. If they say you can’t unite Black people and then you come to them to unite them, they won’t unite, because it’s been said that they’re not supposed to unite. It’s a psycho that they work and it’s the same way with these statistics.

When they think that an explosive era is coming up, then they grab their press again and begin to shower the Negro public, to make it appear that all Negroes are satisfied. Because if you know you’re dissatisfied all by yourself and ten others aren’t, you play it cool; but if you know that all ten of you are dissatisfied, you get with it. This is what the man knows. The man knows that if these Negroes find out how dissatisfied they really are–even Uncle Tom is dissatisfied, he’s just playing his part for now–this is what makes the man frightened. It frightens them in France and it frightens them in England, and it frightens them in the United States.

And it is for this reason that it is so important for you and me to start organizing among ourselves, intelligently, and try to find out: “What are we going to do if this happens, that happens or the next thing happens?” Don’t think that you’re going to run to the man and say, “Look, boss this is me.” Why, when the deal goes down, you’ll look just like me in his eyesight; I’ll make it tough for you. Yes, when the deal goes down, he doesn’t look at you in any better light than he looks at me…

I say again that I’m not a racist, I don’t believe in any form of segregation or anything like that. I’m for brotherhood for everybody, but I don’t believe in forcing brotherhood upon people who done’ want it. Let us practice brotherhood among ourselves, and then if others want to practice brotherhood with us, we’re for practicing it with them also. But I don’t think that we should run around trying to love somebody who doesn’t love us.

Malcolm X

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Dr. Free



You’re Awake but You’re Not Alone

“If it is possible for ostracization, disinclusuion or non-belonging to be a consequence of any type of behavior there was no belonging in the first place.” 

“Had I found a sense of belonging in all the places where I wanted to be accepted I would never have arrived to where I am today. Though painful at the time, I am truly thankful to all those who rejected me!” Dr. Free 

The path of awakening can be very tumultuous. My hope is that the following will encourage you and help to broaden your sense of peace. Becoming conscious or waking up is definitlely life changing–to say the least!! As we change due to our awakening it is important to be true to ourselves as we face the challenges of not belonging in places where we used to “allegedly” fit in.

If we present anything less to the world than our authentic self, know we will not fit in and that’s really okay. True belonging comes when we abandon trying to live up to the expectations of others. Only, when are honest with ourselves about who we are can we then demonstrate that person to the world.

These five things helped me to move forward after awakening along my journey. Hopefully they will help you:

(1) Regardless of who does or who does not accept you remember you are always one with source. You can never be cut away or isolated from source. You are source and it is you. It is in source that we live move and have our being.

(2) Be yourself. Inauthentic people usually find themselves hiding under the veil of manipulation hindered by the conditional love of others. When we are unapologetically who we are eventually we will attract people who accept us in our authenticity.

(3) You are not alone. There are countless people going through the awakening process. They are experiencing many of the same stressors and pains as you may be. Recently, I was able to encourage a sister on-line who had recently walked away from Christianity. I know what that feels like. We had never met but in her honest vulnerability, pain, and authenticity she attracted me to herself.  I told her…

I understand exactly where you are and how awkward, uncomfortable, outcast, etc that you may feel. I’ve been there! It probably sounds to easy compared to Christianity, but simply follow your heart and do what feels right for you with no guilt or apology. Awakening is a process. Be patient with yourself. Enjoy the never-ending journey of enlightenment. Give yourself permission to ask as many questions as you need to and just be. The answers will come. You will attract to you what you need outside of yourself at just the right time. Otherwise, the answers that you need are within you. Peace, love and light to you.

(4) The changes of the awakening process can cause you to feel isolated and alone. The feelings of loneliness can be minimized if you determine to notice the similarities you share with others rather than highlighting the differences. This may be challenging in the beginning of your awakening process. When we begin to awaken at first all we see is contrast but it will be easier to accomplish in time. Conscious or not you are still human and so are the people in the world. We are personally accountable to the way we treat others. Our feelings and actions toward others are actions are actions and feelings turned inward. The Law of Divine Oneness states that we are all connected, we are all one. We are all part of a whole. That means that all of humanity, all of nature and all of God (Source, All) are one.

5) Self acceptance is crucial to your progress. The awakening process can make you feel like you are looking in the mirror at a stranger. Everything seems different now as you have come into your true self outside of the matrix. Sudden change can sometimes be hard to manage especially when the personal change is dramatic. Nonetheless, accept who you are and celebrate your personal evolution. Get excited about your life! Put more emphasis on where you are and the wonderful future that lies ahead rather than mourning the past. The past had purpose bless it and let it go. There are no accidents, no time has been wasted, and you are right where you need to be in your journey. Embrace it. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

wake up

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Celebrate You

celebration picsToo many African-Americans are not proud of their history. In fact, many of us have been programmed to be ashamed of our history because we have only been exposed to a very small snippet of it.

As African people we are so much more than protesters of Jim Crow laws, and victims of slavery! We should be celebrated inside and outside of sports arenas and entertainment venues simply because of our lineage and our contributions to world civilization. African people had already been all over the world by the time Christopher Columbus landed in the alleged “New World”.  The North American continent was new to him but it was not new to us.

Media presents an extremely narrow view of Africa people with pictures of starving children, and oppressed & suffering people. I am not denying that at present Africa does have its problems. The stench of colonization can be smelled throughout the continent but America has its problems too.

What opinion of USA would other countries have if the only pictures of our country others saw were America’s high crime areas, the numerous prisons, impoverished low-income housing, and homeless shelters? That image doesn’t mesh very well with the global image America has as the land of opportunity.  Wait, those images are broadcast for the world to see with African-Americans as the central focus.

Regardless of what we have been exposed to on television or the prejudices we may have encountered in this society, it is our personal responsibility to learn about ourselves. Knowledge of self awakens pride and courage. In this Aquarian age the information is easily available and accessible. The only hinderance that separates African-Americans from the truth about our history is a desire and willingness to do the research. The motivation you need to learn to celebrate is closer than you think. It’s time to wake up!

Our ancestors left a rich and abundant legacy for us to inherit. We have to wake up to receive it. This means looking past the expectations of others in whatever form the expectations present themselves. Your journey is personal. No explanations for others is necessary. Be encouaged! The best is yet to come. My African-American sisters and brothers you have a more than a million reasons to celebrate you!

Peace and light,

Dr. Free

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The video below is a great place to begin.


Mr. Right

black couple 5For the conscious African Queen–intelligence, righteousness, and a warrior spirit are top criteria when selecting a partner.  If he’s willing to fight against the oppression of his people because of a genuine love for his people, and work to advance his community he will also fight for you. Outward attractiveness is NOT necessary for nation building. The slave master would examine our teeth, backsides and muscular ability on the auction block to determine our value. Should we do the same? Male or female? Are we building a nation or are our relationships simply a business transaction with benefits? Kings and Queens we are worthy of so much more and we will receive it when we change our standards so that they align with African centered living.

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Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their                                  own unique perspective.

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Myth vs Truth


Jesus pics

Most of the Bible is allegory and myth. However, myth does not have a negative connotation or meaning as many think. Historians like John Henrik Clark (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RY8G47rTRLc) and Ashra Kewsi (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJAbxsbI5ms) say much of the patriarchs like Abraham, Moses, Joshua and David etc. in the Bible are mythological.  Read Galatians 4:21-24 in the King James Version.

Myth is not meant to be an exact historical account. Careful study of some biblical myths proves that the details of the myths are chronologically out of sync. Thus, its not an actual historical account.  However, just becasue a myth is what it is, it does not minimize the boundless value that is inherent in the myths or allegorical accounts in the Bible. Brother Jabari teaches (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSRjFkWIuv0&t=2044s) that history is what someone did once and myth is something that you should always be doing. Brother Anthony Browder (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRkN88x7tBU) plainly teaches that there is truth in the Bible but the Bible stories are not necessarily historically true.

When we as Africans take the time to study original African myths we can tap into true spiritual power inherent in the myth and also move to a higher vibration that is not present when we study merely from a historical perspective. There is some benefit from studying the Bible myths with the right perspective. The stories in the Bible are actually African myths that have been twisted and told through a different cultural lens. However, let us do more than study the myths of the Bible. Let’s study African mythology. As we study thoroughly our understanding of the African myth should acknowledge and give due homage to the contributions of our African Ancestors.

Studying African myths improves and elevates the quality of our lives and assists us in living according to Maat which is the overriding force that governs everything in the universe for virtuous living for African people. The principles of Maat are balance, reciprocity, law, order, and righteousness. These principles are evident within our divine nature. As we tap into the spiritual power of African myths our divinity will resurrect and shine forth.


My Authentic Truth

I have personally seen and touched historical records on the walls in ancient Kemet that display the myths of our African ancestors.  Those myths hold truth that will help us to evolve to become a divine force in this world.

A fulfilling life of abundance is available to all African people on the continent of Africa and in the diaspora. There is abundance in African myths. These myths contain truth for our people. The abundance I speak of in this particular context is not a life defined as society does with the illusion of the “American Dream” as an accumulation of things and a life of luxury. The abundant life I speak about is one which brings the overwhelming contentment of knowledge of self as a divine being to which no thing compares!

Our ancestors left a record for us in Kemet (Egypt) and throughout the Motherland. African historians have traveled on our behalf where we may not physically be able to travel.  They have lectured, written books, and done the research for the benefit of the entire African family. If you are open and willing you can live the life you were sent to this Earth to live the information is available. I made the choice to wake up from my slumber when I first tapped into the spiritual power in the African myths and I am determined to stay woke. Simply reading a historical account– memorizing and parroting what happened is like taking the blue pill but digging deep into an African myth brings transformation for the African. It’s like taking the red pill. I took the red pill of truth and I have absolutely no regrets! I want the divinity in me to resurrect and shine forth.

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their                   own unique perspective.

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