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These are fun books for children ages 6-11. The easy to read rhythmic style creates a delightful reading experience. Each book has a timeless message that empowers young people to live authentically. Dr. Free has created great readings for children to share with their parents or teachers. Available on Xlibris, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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What Readers Say About Books by Dr. Free

“Special Just like Me encourages young kids. It raises their self-esteem and helps you to find beauty in others. I overall like this book because it encourages young minds.” Nefertari age 9

“When my daughter reads Special, Just Like Me, She gets so happy. It really makes her smile. Iyalogun”–Parent

“Special, Just Like Me is an ingenious work which inspires confidence, pride, self-esteem, and self-awareness in children of color.” Pernatta–Grandparent and Educator

“In the book Imagining Me, I learned that you can be whatever you want if you imagine it. The theme of the book is to always believe in yourself even when people say it’s not goi to be true.” In Special, Just Like Me, the theme is you can be special even when you know you are different.” Kimora age 10

“In Special, Just like me, this book tells us that everyone is special.” Starmoni age 9

“I think the book Beautiful Me is inspiring because it helps you to think positive about your life. I like this book because it shows you that you can do many things in your life. The author is trying to tell me that you are beautiful just the way you are” Jalen age 10

“In the book Beautiful Me, the author kept saying everybody is beautiful. We are to call ourselves beautiful.” Jerode age 9

“I thought the story was fabulous! The girl explains why she is special instead of just saying I’m special. Everyone is special and so are you. Always love yourself and the people around you.” Audrey age 10

“Jay enjoys reading Imagining Me in his reading spot in the corner.” Yolonda– Parent

Embracing unique beauty

Beautiful Me shows children a new way to recognize and appreciate their own beauty.


Creating your reality

Imagining Me helps children understand the power of their dreams and imagination.



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