A composit of various views of a monarch emerging from its chrysalis.
Our beauty comes forth as we submit to the process of BECOMING


I have often wondered why I feel the way that I do about my age. For quite some time, I have professed that age is a state of mind. I feel young. I don’t consider myself old and my hope is that I never will. Even my eighty-six year old grandmother who walks with a cane, says she’s not old. If a person thinks that they are old then they will be old. Even still, old can mean anything from decrepit and useless to valuable and prized! For me age is simply about perspective. The power of the mind in unfathomable.  Whatever we think is what we will be. I have discovered that being around the life-giving energy of young people is invigorating. Further, surrounding myself with the company of the young in spirit has wonderfully preserving results.

I often hear complaints from people who say “My heart says one thing but my body is saying something entirely different.” I understand.  They say, “There are actually parts of me that are creaking and crying out in pain. I can’t ignore it.” I understand that too.

I must admit as I look at myself in the mirror I do appear differently than I did in my twenties. But aren’t I supposed to look different. To me my different does not subtract from who I AM. Different could be better and more refined. Couldn’t it? If that is the case then the essence of me is more of the person I am intended to be. That essence has become more evident over time. I do see a few lines around my eyes that were not there and my hair is graying along my hair-line in the front. I’ve even thought about if I would dye it or let it go. However, I’m learning to embrace the gray because it’s part of me. I love me. Today, I think dying my hair is rejecting a part of me and feeling shame. I can’t be ashamed of me. My gray is my trophy. The gray and the lines around my eyes are reminders of my refinement process.  Some people want to go back to childhood—not me! Too many hard lessons have been learned. I do not need any “do overs.” I have earned the steps that I am presently making. My journey has been nothing close to perfect. It was not supposed to be. I have learned so much, grown so much–been through so much, and for that my heart is filled with gratitude. The difficult people and circumstances were like sandpaper smoothing out the rough edges. I don’t think I am here to get it all right. I am here to learn and evolve via the human experience. Therefore, the time that has passed while I am becoming is worth it. Every second, day, week, and year to date that was necessary to make me who I am today is well worth it.

I am thankful for my “Earthday”—the year I entered the Earth realm. However, my Earthday does not define me. The essence of who I am is much greater than the measure of time or what this society calls age.

For me age is just a number.  Through ageless eyes, now in need of reading glasses I remain in awe of my life’s experience. I refuse to allow age to dictate my behavior.  Doing so could deter me from necessary connections and turns I MUST make in my life. Life is all about the necessities of an individual’s personal journey not age. I have met people who were fifteen with the maturation of what one would think a forty-year old would attain. At the same time, I have met fifty year olds that acted like they hadn’t turned twenty-one or so we would think.

That’s just it! Our lives are not about age as is defined in this western society.  Age is NOT synonymous with time neither is age synonymous with maturity. Furthermore, who has the right to say we should be more mature or evolved than we are when they don’t know our purpose in this life.

My authentic truth is this: Living is about what we do in the space of the opportunity we are given while we are on Earth that makes the difference. Life in this realm is about living in the moment and living as best we can outside the limitations of time and the expectations of others that cause us to worry and restrict ourselves with boundaries.  Living in this manner makes us ageless. I am much greater than the skin I’m in.


What’s the difference beneath the skin?

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

Express your authentic thoughts. Post a comment. I welcome your valued perspective. Thank you in advance.

In love and peace,

Dr. Free