The Beauty of Contrast

Growing up I heard my elders talk about experiencing trials and tribulations of life. I used the lens they used to interpret their experience to understand my own. Like them I concluded that in my life I was either going to a storm or through a storm. If I wasn’t in trouble of some kind in a little while I would find myself in the midst of one.

I accepted the inevitability of tragedy and trouble as part of my human experience. I didn’t understand the essence and power of my inner being to create my own reality.

Today, I have come into my own sense of being, which took almost half a century (if I consider linear time), I now see things much differently. Now I understand the universal law of attraction. I know that I create the reality that I chose to exist in. There are some “things” in my reality that I recognize simply as wanted and unwanted. Rather than labeling these things as a challenge, trouble,  trials, or tribulations–they are wanted or unwanted. In other words they are contrasts.

Contrast are beautiful because they are not sinful (whatever that is), shameful, guilt filled nor regretful. Recognizing life’s experiences in this way keeps me free from succumbing to unnecessary weights and responsibilities. Additionally, I don’t feel defeated, instead because of the beautiful light of contrast, it is easier to choose what I desire most and embrace what brings me the greatest contentment.

Contrast is beautiful because it truly reveals where I am and helps me get to the better places that I want to be in. In fact, the more contrasting experiences I have the more I move toward  the best version of my desire. Contrast confirms what I don’t want on the way to what I do want. There is just as much value in knowing what one doesn’t want as there is in knowing what one does want.