The Good Place: Transition


Transition is the point between here and there. Here is where we are and there is where we want to be. Some call transition in the meantime, in between time, or the waiting rooms of life. While we are in this space in our journey impatience may lead to frustration and delay has the potential to lead to doubt about the probable fruition of our greatest desires. We may even question our own ability and choices.

Well, I’ve been there and done that over and over again because of my desire to evolve and grow as an individual. There are times when I’ve even welcomed the uncomfortable space of transition. The following has encouraged me. So, I just want to take the time to encourage you and let you know you are in a good place despite how it may feel! You are right where you need to be in the midst of your transition.

This season of preparation and or restoration allows visions and dreams of what will be to bring you comfort. Take a few moments and see yourself in it! Nonetheless do not get so caught up in what will be that you miss the gifts that surround you right now. Take a few minutes—step back and celebrate all the good you see. Good is always there. We can see the good when we have the correct focus. Actually, we usually have more going for us than we seem to have coming against us. In transition, we have a reason to believe and hold on to hope. A heart of expectation is what keeps us moving forward.

Everyone rejoices over the beauty of the rose blossom. Were the other stages not just as beautiful?  Do not the buds have beauty as well? Don’t the branches and thorns serve a purpose? What would a rose branch be without a thorn? When we look beyond circumstance we can clearly discover the significant beauty that surrounds us.

Indeed there is a gift in awkwardness and a blessing in pain. In their absence we might not awaken to something better nor recognized the need for change.  Feeling stuck between a rock and a hard place builds perseverance and stick-to-it-tiveness. In difficult times we learn more about our own weaknesses and perceived strengths. Transition teaches us how to be adaptable, tolerable, and accepting. From transitional times we learn to appreciate the process that it takes to bring about change. These lessons grant us the wisdom we need to make choices—learning the difference between good choices, better choices and what’s best for us.

Transition can come in different forms—it may be mental, spiritual, or physical. They could happen at different times or in a perfect storm. The good news is during transition we have the opportunity to experience the most growth. Think about it. You may not have not arrived where you want to be but at least you’ve left from where you began.

Make the most of this time in transition. Keep your heart filled with gratitude. Know transition is necessary. There is a wealth of significant goodness necessary for the journey you’ll need to have in your possession when you arrive…..there. Anyway, I’ve lived long enough to discover the journey is the destination.


End of journey

Be encouraged,

Dr. Free


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