Inferiority Part 3

As slaves we were brought to America naked in the hulls of ships chained in our own excrement. Our families were ripped apart. Parents and siblings were sold off as property. Men were raped by other men, castrated and hung. Women were also raped and tortured. Both men and women were bred like animals. Our ancestors worked incessantly as if they were machines under the duress of overseers in cotton, tobacco, and sugar cane fields. Humiliation and domination of Africans was common. Subsequently, we lived in a state of constant fear. We never received any counseling or therapeutic intervention regarding this matter. Typically, we just went to church to honor a God that did not look like us.  John Henrik Clarke said, “When you accept a picture of a deity assigned to you by another people you become  spiritual prisoners of that people.” So our struggles, post traumatic slave syndrome, and its reverberative effects continue to prevail and has spanned for generations.  Which fortifies the construct of African inferiority and white supremacy.

Race was a concept that was created to distinguish between people with melanin and people without. There is one race of people—the human race. Race determined who was a slave and who was not a slave. Race determined who was worthy of respect and who was not. In the motherland we were Africans but when we arrived to the New World our name and identity changed dramatically and forever. However, racism is the control of power enforced to appropriate the respect of Caucasians or those of European decent and disrespect of non-Caucasians.

Now we have African-Americans who have been deprived by an oppressive people and subsequent an oppressive system. Some may say as a twenty-first century Caucasian today I have enslaved no one. The question is though do they benefit from the system of white supremacy? Secondly, why did Caucasians deem it necessary to deprive us if we are so genetically inferior? I resolve that African-Americans are not inferior and never have been! The remarkable record of our ancestral world history including America before Native Americans and Columbus came proves it. We are not inferior and Caucasians are not superior. However, the system  of white supremacy in place motivated by fear suggests otherwise.

My Authentic thought:

Despite centuries of pain and trauma we are a resilient people. Victory is within reach for all who desire to obtain it through knowledge of self. Knowledge of self births self love which in turn brings about love for our African community. Our ancestors first taught how important it is to know thyself.

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.

Express yourself. Post your authentic thoughts.

In peace and love,

Dr. Free