Myth vs Truth


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Most of the Bible is allegory and myth. However, myth does not have a negative connotation or meaning as many think. Historians like John Henrik Clark ( and Ashra Kewsi ( say much of the patriarchs like Abraham, Moses, Joshua and David etc. in the Bible are mythological.  Read Galatians 4:21-24 in the King James Version.

Myth is not meant to be an exact historical account. Careful study of some biblical myths proves that the details of the myths are chronologically out of sync. Thus, its not an actual historical account.  However, just becasue a myth is what it is, it does not minimize the boundless value that is inherent in the myths or allegorical accounts in the Bible. Brother Jabari teaches ( that history is what someone did once and myth is something that you should always be doing. Brother Anthony Browder ( plainly teaches that there is truth in the Bible but the Bible stories are not necessarily historically true.

When we as Africans take the time to study original African myths we can tap into true spiritual power inherent in the myth and also move to a higher vibration that is not present when we study merely from a historical perspective. There is some benefit from studying the Bible myths with the right perspective. The stories in the Bible are actually African myths that have been twisted and told through a different cultural lens. However, let us do more than study the myths of the Bible. Let’s study African mythology. As we study thoroughly our understanding of the African myth should acknowledge and give due homage to the contributions of our African Ancestors.

Studying African myths improves and elevates the quality of our lives and assists us in living according to Maat which is the overriding force that governs everything in the universe for virtuous living for African people. The principles of Maat are balance, reciprocity, law, order, and righteousness. These principles are evident within our divine nature. As we tap into the spiritual power of African myths our divinity will resurrect and shine forth.


My Authentic Truth

I have personally seen and touched historical records on the walls in ancient Kemet that display the myths of our African ancestors.  Those myths hold truth that will help us to evolve to become a divine force in this world.

A fulfilling life of abundance is available to all African people on the continent of Africa and in the diaspora. There is abundance in African myths. These myths contain truth for our people. The abundance I speak of in this particular context is not a life defined as society does with the illusion of the “American Dream” as an accumulation of things and a life of luxury. The abundant life I speak about is one which brings the overwhelming contentment of knowledge of self as a divine being to which no thing compares!

Our ancestors left a record for us in Kemet (Egypt) and throughout the Motherland. African historians have traveled on our behalf where we may not physically be able to travel.  They have lectured, written books, and done the research for the benefit of the entire African family. If you are open and willing you can live the life you were sent to this Earth to live the information is available. I made the choice to wake up from my slumber when I first tapped into the spiritual power in the African myths and I am determined to stay woke. Simply reading a historical account– memorizing and parroting what happened is like taking the blue pill but digging deep into an African myth brings transformation for the African. It’s like taking the red pill. I took the red pill of truth and I have absolutely no regrets! I want the divinity in me to resurrect and shine forth.

Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and or respectfully respond from their                   own unique perspective.

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Peace and light,

Dr. Free