One Moment in Time



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Today some one asked me how I was doing. My response was,” In this moment I am doing just fine. I take it one moment at a time.” The person I was speaking to smiled and responded with words of appreciation for my comment.

In that moment I was also actually very proud of myself. As a spiritual practice, my daily goal is to live in the moment! I found sweet contentment that my goal had become a tangible reality. So much of the beauty of life is missed when we rush through the present on our way to the future.

I remind myself often to sip my coffee more slowly.  I intentionally enjoy the warm water of my evening bath as it rolls down my tired back and as I notice the sparkle in a child’s smile my moment seems a little brighter.

What can you do more intentionally? More deliberately so that you stretch your moments.  Cliche it may be but I’ve learned that life really is all about the journey not the destination. When we “arrive” there– there is always somewhere else to go. When we finish this or that– there is always one more thing to do?  Learing to savor the moment does indeed add flavor to life.Image result for moment







In peace and light,

Dr. Free