Reincarnation and Intuition

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Some think that our intuition has something to do with knowing we gain from past lives.

What do you think?

The things that we might call our intuition, or our knowing the differences between right and wrong, are inherently the hidden knowledge and experiences from previous lives.  Although we are taught many things in life from parents, teachers, our friends, and our experiences, many of these intuitive characteristics are the things we bring with us from our past lives and soul lessons.  This happens in a way that we can build on experience if we listen to our own spirit, and also in a way that way we can followor not…

Fuentes, Starr. Soul Contracts (Kindle Locations 88-92). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

“From one body to another as we reincarnate, we bring this consciousness forward in the same way that the air carries an aroma.”

Fuentes, Starr. Soul Contracts (Kindle Locations 93-94). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

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