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Taking the time to invest in yourself and your own personal development is priceless and if you take the leap, the Universe will respond accordingly. But we must be willing to create the magic in our lives and become the conscious creators we were meant to be, rather than wishing and wanting for the outside world to bring us peace. The act of looking inward rather than out will show us hidden recipes for success if we are just willing to look. Spiritual Alchemists are not letting hard times defeat them, but are rather using hardships, sorrow, fear, and struggle as fuel and mixing courage with creativity to develop etheric means of positive, empowered living.

So, we’ve learned that Spiritual Alchemy isn’t so much about control as it is awareness. Once you are aware of your personal power over your own life and “step up to show up” where life is calling you to develop, build on and share your gifts with the world, you by default lose your fear of not being enough, not having enough and not doing enough because you are full with the potential for creating Elemental Excellence in your life!  The fear becomes excitement, the sense of loss or resentment becomes growth and gratitude and life will only then continue to show for YOU in abundant ways right back… Remember it’s never what we think about; it is how we FEEL about what we think about!

Tamara Rant

My truth:

The alchemists of old were interested in creating gold from base metal. For me today spiritual alchemy is the magical transformation of suffering into consciousness. Alchemy is about transforming the worst situation into the best for myself while not allowing it to affect my internal condition. Alchemy keeps me in alignment with my higher self so that goodness and abundance is manifested.

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Dr. Free