Who is God?

Today I listened to an artist sing a song about God as he understood God to be. The selection used to be a favorite of mine. As he sang I was able to recall a time when I agreed with his interpretation of who my Creator is. I still could respect the singers understanding of God even though my understanding of what he calls God has expanded. The sincerity I heard in his voice caused me to have an intensely visceral response. It was clear he meant every lyric. The song created a nostalgic moment for me.

Further, while he was singing I had an epiphany about how personally we experience Source, our Creator, The All, The Divine.. whatever you want to name it (although no name is really sufficient enough). The epiphany was this, there are no absolutes on how one experiences God. It’s all extremely personal.

Our  journeys in this Earth are all unique. The experiences we have with what we may or may not call God are our own. We don’t have to explain it to anyone. As we go along in our journey we connect with people who may understand God in a similar way. In those moments we can rejoice and find encouragement. Nonetheless, we should never feel like we owe anyone a personal explanation. Only the self-righteous would disagree. God is whoever we have experienced him to be. Therefore, the possibilities of how we can define God are endless.  God is too awesomely infinite to be limited by a single definition. Dr. Free