Why bad things happen to good people?

My Truth:

I used to think God punished wrong as a just judge and chastises his children with difficult circumstances in life. I believed that I should count it all joy when trial and tribulation became my constant companions. I must admit, I never understood why bad things happen to good people especially if God is on my side.  When bad things happened, I explained incidents away with plausible excuses and my intelligence knelt down to the alleged silent authority I could not explain.  I no longer embrace those ideas.  I was asleep then. Now I am awake!

People have a myriad of answers to the question of Why bad things happen to good people? The answers never seemed to satisfy inquiring minds. Why does anything bad happen to anyone, anywhere if God does exist? Can’t he stop it? Isn’t God in control of everything? The author presents five reasons below. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Enlighten us!

Basically, this is a universal law that says that 1) what you put out is what you get back.So if you decide to take the negative path and hurt others, then you will suffer greatly for your choices in a multitude of ways and across subsequent lifetimes. But don’t get sucked into what some of the religious leaders would have you believe for their own self-interests.

2) It is not God who judges and punishes evil deeds. God is everything, not a separate being watching and judging us.3)The evil deeds meet their own consequencesthrough the very laws on which a just universe is built. What you put out is what you get back. Of course, this may make you wonder why bad things happen to good, innocent, loving people. Remember that 4) each of us has lived many lifetimes, and karma does not end when one physical incarnation ends. Therefore, the many seemingly bad things that happen to good people can simply be karmic rebalancing, and the ones who they are happening to are not victims.

5) Always keep in mind the idea of free will and the fact that each of us chooses our life and all the major events that will unfold in it before we incarnate.We know the hurt we have caused others in previous lives and therefore we often choose difficult circumstances to give ourselves the opportunity to experience what others experienced, and thereby grow in compassion from the greater perspective afforded by these experiences.

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