I enjoyed Dr. Free’s tarot reading. It seemed more lie conversation with an old friend. She was very patient and gave an accurate reading. The 45 min seemed as though we were speaking for 15min. I look forward to another reading. 

T.Douglas- Educator

“This is a word of praise for the great work and information that “Dr.Free” Deana Gordon has provided me over the past few years of our interactions with youth and families alike.

Dr. Free has been  a tremendous friend by providing direction and resources to help our community learn  methods to be better people. Meditation, reading, group support, or whatever is needed to promote self healing, Dr. Free is always there to lend a hand. We thank you for your unselfish and tireless efforts to make us better people.

Walter Alston – Superintendent

Deana is very knowledgeable in many things.  When I just want to talk about life, she gives the most insightful, vivid imageries that helps a person understand everything will be all right.  I love her mind and the way she thinks through any situation or issue that may arise.  I can always hear her voice saying, “You can do it!”  “Don’t let people tell you otherwise!”  Because of these things, Deana is one of my “life mentors”.  I could not imagine doing life without her wise counsel and friendship. 

Shetara Jordon – Entrepreueur

I met Deana Gordon about 12 years ago. Our first encounter was very pleasant because she had an amazing smile that made me feel comfortable talking with her.  Deana is an encourager; she is always willing to help people reach their goals. 

As an educator, she pursued and achieved the highest level of education in her field. She did that to be the best possible resource when sharing knowledge with others. After many conversations with Deana and her enthusiasm for learning, I was inspired to complete my college education.  She has been and continues to be a person who inspires me to always keep learning.

Ora Jones – Entrepreneur

Dr. Deana Gordon is a colleague and friend.  I have known her for a couple of years. My interactions and experiences involving her has been very inspiring.  Within these years of communication, Dr. Gordon has encouraged me to continue my journey as an educator. When there were rough days, her words of wisdom resonated within me to keep going. 

She would say, “you didn’t come this far to give up now.” She would also say, “don’t let them get the best of you Coop”, which was a nickname for Ms. Cooper.” I appreciated her words and discussions and this allowed me to make valuable decisions for my future.  She was my cheer “leader”! In fact, a great leader.

Dr. Gordon managed our grade level team with the highest level of professionalism and was respected by all for her honesty and encouragement by each member. She modeled the expectations daily. She spoke it; she lived it; and she did not waiver and neither did the team.     

My life is not the same.  I have a new attitude! Because of Dr. Gordon, I am motivated to seek a higher position within the system with confidence hoping for a positive outcome.  Sometimes in life, you need that one special person to uplift your spirit with results of moving to a higher level of one’s personal aspirations.

Andrea Cooper – Educator

Dr. Gordon came into both my academic and personal life at a time that was very vital in shaping my hopes and dreams for myself and the future.

I had the pleasure of experiencing her as a teacher for my Encore Program for Gifted Scholars at Donelson Middle School. To me, a young black girl fresh into tweenhood, seeing an intelligent black woman guiding a class for gifted scholars gave me a sense of pride.

Dr. Gordon went out of her way to connect with me and showed that she truly believed in and cared about my abilities as a student. Even beyond Middle School, she never hesitated to lend me a helping hand when necessary, whether it be writing a recommendation or simply giving me advice.

Dr. Gordon has become someone I look up to and respect as both a teacher and a person. She has so much wisdom and kindness to share with the world and I hope to see her touch the hearts of young girls and students as a teacher for many years to come.

Mia Shines – College Student

    When I asked for guidance on how to overcome certain obstacles I am currently going through, Deana and her

    guides provided me with solid insight on how to approach those obstacles. The advice I received has really   

    helped me push   forward, and I am very grateful that I’ve had the chance to get a reading from Deana.

   If anyone would like to know about how to overcome their situation and whether the effort is feasible, or simply to

   know the outcome of something, then I’d highly recommend them to get a reading from Deana. 

     M.M Georgia – College Student

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