The course has 6 compact modules:

1) Being Authentic: authenticity is clearly explained and defined

2) Knowledge of Self: understand knowing who you are is a key

factor in becoming more authentic

3) Family, Culture, Society: taking a closer look at how we have

been shaped and influenced

4) Express Yourself: steps to take to begin to express yourself in

that special authentic way.

5) Embracing Your Authenticity: learning to see the beauty in your


6) Trusting Your Authenticity: beginning to enhance and strengthen

trusting yourself

The course has high vibrational channeled content, reflections questions for deeper personal development, quizzes to check for understanding, bonus activities to extend learning and for self-empowerment, personal shares from Dr. Free to encourage you in your process, bonus videos with messages of inspiration, and a complimentary Intuitive Reading offer for the first 50 people who purchase the course.