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Caleb Jones

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” Unknown

I recently reconnected with a dear friend. As life goes, we lost contact a few years back but we have reconnected via Facebook and have recently spoken by phone. When I heard her voice on the phone I was immediately reminded of the laughter, good times, and the great conversations we had shared in the past. I’m not sure if she knows it but she is an important person in my awakening experience. At a defining moment in my journey she was able to answer questions for me that were significant to the trajectory of my ascension process. Without judgment she gladly shared anecdotally without growing weary. This was a big deal because I can be extremely curious. To this day, she respectfully honors the transformation of my process by always addressing me by the name I adopted for myself to mark the moment—Free.

It wasn’t until we spoke recently that I realized what it is that I love about my friend. I had not evolved enough personally to ascertain from my experiences how to clearly articulate how I feel. Now I know for certain there are three main reasons I can celebrate her. First, she doesn’t judge me. She interacts with me unconditionally. Secondly, she lives life on her own terms unapologetically with a joy and vibrancy that is contagious. Because of her energy and self- acceptance, I’ve always felt good, and at ease when in her company. Finally, she is absolutely authentic! She desires to be no one but herself. Oh– and for sure, my dear friend enjoys living the life that she has created for herself to the fullest as a mom of two, a five-time college graduate, veteran, educator, motorcyclist, and bisexual who is presently in an open relationship.

I honor her couage and tenacity to make choices that define her success. In that regard we have a lot in common. I personally identify as a heterosexual female but I respect her freedom to choose according to her own preferences. I respect others freedom to do so as well. Private life is just that–private and it’s no one else’s business. As authentic individuals we should always make choices that are in line with our own core values and personal truths.

Moreover, as I spoke with my friend, I shared with her that I do want to understand more about the lifestyle and challenges of the LGBTQ community and communicate that understanding to others so that I can be part of the solutions and not problems. The inclusive mission of Stillness Hub is to help all people to improve the quality of their lives by becoming mindfully authentic.  Mindfulness and authenticity are essential factors for becoming the best version of ourselves and for living our best life.

My friend has agreed to share once again so that I can gain insight and appreciate her path more deeply. I realize that it is my responsibility to generate love and understanding rather than hate or fear due to ignorance. I must focus on what unites us instead of what divides us. Each of us is someone’s daughter or son, brother or sister, mother or father and worthy of love. Regardless of what we would like to believe the truth is we are not separate. We are all connected. In fact, everything we do affects the collective consciousness of the entire universe.

It does not matter what our own personal preferences are. They don’t define or dictate the personal predilections of others. When people choose to live differently than I do. I do not think I have the right to impose my values upon them. Hopefully I will get back what I put out into the world. I expect the same respect in return. Choice does not grant a license to cause harm to others, but choice does allow us to exercise our desires as human-beings.  This means considering how we choose to be in the physical form and as a spiritual being having a human experience. We do not have to like each other’s choices but we are much better off when we respect them. As individuals we have the right to live as we choose to.

I am an advocate for freedom for everyone. Freedom is our birthright. Further, when I protect the rights of others, I also protect myself. The more honest we all are about the lifestyle we choose–whatever it is, the more personal freedom we can experience. We can’t give away what we don’t first possess ourselves. In other words, once we learn to enjoy our own personal freedom, we can grant others the space to be free as well. I am looking forward to what I will gain from my future conversations with my friend. This is the first in a series of blogs. We should all desire to live as authentically as she does.

“When you show up authentic, you create the space for others to do the same. Walk in your truth.” Anonymous

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