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“You’ll never know who you are unless you shed who you pretend to be.”― Vironika Tugaleva

Authenticity is not a destination, it is a journey. Along our journey, as we endeavor to be authentic we will notice we are changing. We may not be the person we were six months ago–maybe even yesterday. That person felt differently about the matters of life.

For example, inevitable change happens in our mentality which redefines how we move about in the world. When we change socially, the places we once enjoyed may become annoying, boring, or uneventful. Physical changes to our bodies may include participating in activities that are more advanced or less challenging. While financial changes call for new budgets and expenses. Relationship changes may require us to relocate or make new plans for how we will spend the holidays with our family. Every aspect of our lives is subject to change. Change is the only thing that is constant. Change happens monthly, weekly, and daily in varying degrees and aspects of life. Although too much change too quickly could be problematic and require close attention, the point is clear. Change will definitely happen to us, in us, and around us.

Authenticity cannot be universally defined because it is unique for every individual. Learning to live from our heart space orders our steps in our own authentic lifestyle. Passion, purpose, and truth are significant components of authenticity. Together each component works to demonstrate authenticity in an individual’s life. Know that purpose and passion coexist. Our heart births our passion and passion fuels our purpose. Our passion and purpose are then guided by our personal truth. Because passion, purpose, and personal truth are specifically unique, authenticity will vary from person to person and so does how change manifest in our lives.

Wherever we find ourselves along our journey as we change it is the imperative that we are true to self. The most important relationship we will ever have is the relationship we have with ourselves. As we pay attention and show up in our lives we will discover we have an opportunity to learn something new. Take all the necessary time you need to sit with what you learn. Then include the new information in how you define yourself and relate to the world. This demonstrates an appreciation for your newly acquired understanding. Don’t forget to grant yourself the grace of time to manifest the change you want to see. Accomplishing this task will take an asserted effort but it will not be overwhelming if we humbly submit to the process.

So what if you haven’t discovered your purpose just yet. Perhaps life is pretty good and your days are filled with things you enjoy.and you are not experiencing a significant degree of change. Moreover, maybe you are known for speaking your mind and standing up for what’s right. Isn’t that authentic living? Sure. Remember, there is not one way to be authentic. Anytime a person is expressing themselves without feeling like they have to be a “certain way” they are being authentic.

Regardless of what your walk looks like as an authentic being the pay off is deeply satisfying and the rewards are endless. To begin, when we choose to be authentic we get out of our own way, create peace of mind, decrease distress, and improve the relationship we have with ourselves. Choosing to be authentic is always worthwhile.

Mother Theresa said it best. “Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable-be honest and vulnerable anyway.”

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