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Stanislav Kondratiev

People who spend their lives making other people happy at the expense of their own happiness are some of the unhappiest people in the world.

Dr. Free

As we spend time with our family and ourselves during this quarantine, we have a choice to make. Either we can fight against the impetus and be reluctant to change or we can surrender to the moment that is tugging on our hearts and begin the process of personal change.

Perspective is everything! How we choose to look at this time of separation has the potential to build us up and make us better or break us down in fear and despair. Whatever we allow will prevail. Yes, there is loss, sickness, restriction, fear, and reports of death all around us. The media has incessant reports of all of the negativity that our world is experiencing. Many of us are faced with circumstances that we never imagined possible. Nonetheless, the good news in the midst of it all is that the circumstances never handcuff our power to choose.

Our power to choose should not be taken lightly. We have the power to choose how we feel, what we think, and the actions we take.  Circumstances do not choose our feelings, every feeling we experience is our choice. Our minds do not have to run rampantly unchecked and unrestrained by focusing on thoughts that feed fear and despair. The power of our mind is within our own control. This is a prime time, not to cower and do nothing, but a time to take inspired action to do those things that you alone know are necessary. A measure of our truest selves wants to come forth in spite of this pandemic. The present situation is not meant to destroy us as a society. We can emerge better, stronger, and wiser! The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. That awesome measure in you deserves to be seen.

Today it is very easy to find something to complain about. It is very easy to find a crowd of naysayers. The bandwagon is filled with people who have a valid checklist about the horrible things that they have experienced thus far in 2020. What would happen if we turned that energy inward and committed to doing our inner work? Who has the courage to see things differently? Who has the courage to say because of the affliction of 2020 I can now see things more clearly? Who can say the year 2020 has moved me to reorder my priorities, express more gratitude, face the things that I had been running from, and better appreciate what I had taken for granted?

This is your time to rise and shine–not as some may think with popularity or fame but to be more authentically you! This is a time to be true to yourself! This is a time, to be honest with yourself! This is a time to ask yourself the hard questions and answer them honestly without pretense. Now is the time to be courageous enough to take a personal inventory of your own life.

Take the courage to evolve—to be unapologetically you. No, it’s not easy being authentic when we have not been ourselves for so long but it’s is possible to be authentic—authenticity is our life’s purpose. Danger is real but fear is imagined. The presence of fear necessitates the ripe opportunity for us to be courageous. In other words, if fear is there, courage is also present. We just have to choose courage.

The authentic you may make a lot of people uncomfortable. Evolve anyway! Discover yourself! Follow your intuition. Don’t just accept the opinions of others about who you should be, how you should feel, think, or what you should do at this pivotal time in your life. No one else can be you but you! You are not powerless. The authentic you is more than enough—gifted, creative, unique, capable, and well able to complete your journey with your definition of personal success. Affirm yourself and feel good about the person you were created to be.  Get excited about being you which is the only way to live your best life. Be courageous enough to allow yourself to evolve. The world is waiting to receive the gift of YOU!

Be yourself an original is so much better than a copy of someone else–Unknown

Thank you for reading! Post a comment! Authentic thoughts are thoughts that are genuine and sincerely expressed. Authentic thoughts reverberate with other authentic individuals so they have an irresistible urge to ponder and respectfully respond from their own unique perspective.