I am creating this youtube channel to both encourage and motivate people in their process of learning to live life authentically. “Living authentically” is essential because in doing so we present the best version of ourselves, improve our sense of well-being, express self-love, and ultimately improve the quality of our lives. When we live authentically we encourage others to do the same! We can live authentcially when we focus on our behavior, thinking, and better understand our emotions.

Personally, I do not speak as if I have am the epitome of authenticity. Simply put, I am using this avenue to share jewels that I have learned along my journey that have helped me to become more authentic.

I look forward to hearing about what resonates with you, helps you to become more free, and present the beautiful gift of you to the world.

Sending you an abundance of light, love, peace, and positivity. Thank you so much in advance for your support and joining me in the journey of becoming more authentic.

You are an awesome gift to the world!!!

Dr. Free


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